Commit b1350c96 authored by MRodz's avatar MRodz Committed by mrodzis
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Add 3.6 Glue and page fragments

parent 677984b3
......@@ -46,8 +46,22 @@ declare
(: 3.6 Glue and page fragments :)
%test:name("Glue and page fragments")
%test:args("<mod xmlns="""" rend=""glue_trace""/>")
%test:args("<surface xmlns="""" n=""28rar"" facs="""" type=""clipping"" subtype=""Zeitungsausschnitt_Fragment"" attachment=""glued"" ulx=""2.9"" uly=""1.9"" lrx=""8.9"" lry=""4.1""><graphic xmlns="""" n=""D05_038"" url="""" mimeType=""image/jpeg""/></surface>")
%test:assertEquals("<pb xmlns="""" n=""28rar""/>")
function teisimple-test:analyze-glue-page-fragments($node as element(*)) {
(: 3.8.1: Line counting :)
(: 3.8.1 Line counting :)
%test:name("Line counting")
%test:args("<zone xmlns="""" type=""label"" rotate=""357"" ulx=""1.5"" uly=""4.7"" lrx=""8.4"" lry=""9.2""><handShift xmlns="""" new=""#fremde_Hand3""/><line xmlns="""" style=""margin-left:0.4cm"">✓<handShift xmlns="""" new=""#Fontane""/> 1873.</line></zone>")
......@@ -229,7 +229,8 @@ declare function fontane-simple:transform($nodes as node()*) as node()* {
else if(matches($node/@n, "[0-9IVXMCD]{1,7}[rv]{1}")
and $node/@type = "clipping") then
(if(not($node/@subtype = "Kalenderblatt")) then
(if(not($node/@subtype = "Kalenderblatt"
or $node/@subtype = "Zeitungsausschnitt_Fragment")) then
element tei:div{
$node/((@* except @facs) except @n),
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