Commit c23f2926 authored by mrodzis's avatar mrodzis 🐸
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Add test for addition with funnel

parent 74999f31
......@@ -1415,3 +1415,14 @@ declare
function teisimple-test:deleted-unterlining($node as element(*)) {
(: addition caret:funnel -- added 2018-11-19 :)
%test:name(" addition caret:funnel")
%test:args("<line xmlns="""">der Halle <add xmlns="""" place=""above"" style=""margin-left:-0.4cm"" rend=""caret:funnel(0.7cm,0.5cm)"">rechts</add> ein großer 15</line>")
%test:assertEquals("<milestone xmlns="""" unit=""line""/>", "der Halle ", "rechts", " ein großer 15")
function teisimple-test:added-funnel($node as element(*)) {
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