Commit ff9c1004 authored by Mathias Goebel's avatar Mathias Goebel 🎠
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Merge branch 'bugfix/#140-fictional-places' into 'develop'

Fixes bug in tei:line processing, adds fictional places (closes #140)

Closes #140

See merge request !66
parents 8d3a0eb9 f842e8e0
...@@ -218,12 +218,12 @@ $log as xs:string) as node()* { ...@@ -218,12 +218,12 @@ $log as xs:string) as node()* {
or matches($node/@rendition, "roman")) then or matches($node/@rendition, "roman")) then
fontaneSimple:make-seg-with-rendition($node, $uri, $log) fontaneSimple:make-seg-with-rendition($node, $uri, $log)
else if($node/following::*[1][self::tei:lb[@break = "no"]] else if($node/following::*[1]/local-name() = "lb" and $node/following::*[1]/@break = "no"
and not($node/child::*[last()][self::tei:choice])) then and not($node/child::*[last()][self::tei:choice])) then
(simpleHelpers:start-line($node), (simpleHelpers:start-line($node),
simpleHelpers:trim-last-char($node)) simpleHelpers:trim-last-char($node))
else if($node/preceding::*[1][self::tei:lb[@break = "no"]] else if($node/preceding::*[1]/local-name() = "lb" and $node/preceding::*[1]/@break = "no"
and not($node/child::*[1][self::tei:choice])) then and not($node/child::*[1][self::tei:choice])) then
(simpleHelpers:start-line($node), (simpleHelpers:start-line($node),
simpleHelpers:trim-first-char($node)) simpleHelpers:trim-first-char($node))
...@@ -1199,11 +1199,11 @@ $index-type as xs:string) as element()* { ...@@ -1199,11 +1199,11 @@ $index-type as xs:string) as element()* {
fontaneSimple:make-infos-about-work($ref, $index-type) fontaneSimple:make-infos-about-work($ref, $index-type)
(: the index "wrk" not only encompasses works but (: the index "wrk" not only encompasses works but
also fictional characters that occur in them. @part-of-id also fictional characters or places that occur in
denotes this relationship. to put the character into the them. @part-of-id denotes this relationship. to put
right place we also have to provide the whole informatiom the character into the right place we also have to
about the work. :) provide the whole information about the work. :)
else if(index-info:get-info-about($index-type, $ref, "type") = "person") then else if(index-info:get-info-about($index-type, $ref, "type") = ("person", "place")) then
let $work-id := let $work-id :=
try { try {
index-info:get-info-about($index-type, $ref, "part-of-id") index-info:get-info-about($index-type, $ref, "part-of-id")
...@@ -1217,6 +1217,7 @@ $index-type as xs:string) as element()* { ...@@ -1217,6 +1217,7 @@ $index-type as xs:string) as element()* {
fontaneSimple:make-infos-about-work($work-id, $index-type), fontaneSimple:make-infos-about-work($work-id, $index-type),
fontaneSimple:make-infos-about-fictional-character($ref, $index-type, $work-name) fontaneSimple:make-infos-about-fictional-character($ref, $index-type, $work-name)
) )
else else
() ()
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