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# HoloTomoToolbox
## How to cite ?
when using this toolbox, please cite:
A phase-retrieval toolbox for X-ray holography and tomography
Leon M. Lohse, Anna-Lena Robisch, Mareike Töpperwien, Simon Maretzke, Martin Krenkel, Johannes Hagemann, and Tim Salditt
Journal of Synchrotron Radiation 27, 852-859 (2020).
## Documentation
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## How to cite ?
When using this toolbox in an academic work, please cite:
L. M. Lohse, A.-L. Robisch, M. Töpperwien, S. Maretzke, M. Krenkel, J. Hagemann, and T. Salditt, **A phase-retrieval toolbox for X-ray holography and tomography**,
Journal of Synchrotron Radiation **27**, 852-859 (2020). doi:
doi = {10.1107/s1600577520002398},
year = 2020,
month = {apr},
publisher = {International Union of Crystallography ({IUCr})},
volume = {27},
number = {3},
pages = {852--859},
author = {Leon M. Lohse and Anna-Lena Robisch and Mareike Töpperwien and Simon Maretzke and Martin Krenkel and Johannes Hagemann and Tim Salditt},
title = {A phase-retrieval toolbox for X-ray holography and tomography},
journal = {Journal of Synchrotron Radiation}
## Contributing
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