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Commit 27f98c87 authored by Leon Merten Lohse's avatar Leon Merten Lohse
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fix problem with addPoissonNoise

addPoissonNoise now correctly handles input that is not "double"
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......@@ -58,8 +58,15 @@ if nargin < 2
photonsPerPixel = 10000;
imNoisy = zeros(size(im), 'like', im);
% imnoise needs double as input
if ~isa(im, 'double')
im = double(im);
poissonFactor = 1e-12*photonsPerPixel;
imNoisy = (1./poissonFactor) * imnoise(poissonFactor * im,'poisson');
imNoisy(:) = (1./poissonFactor) * imnoise(poissonFactor * im,'poisson');
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