Commit 999b7305 authored by Simon Maretzke's avatar Simon Maretzke
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replace imrotate and circshift by own rotation- and shifting functions

parent 8ade049d
......@@ -145,7 +145,7 @@ switch lower(settings.registrationMode)
% Apply previously detected rotation and register shifts
shiftsOld = shifts;
shifts = registerShifts(imRef, imrotate(imMoving, rotAngleDegree, 'bilinear', 'Crop'), settings);
shifts = registerShifts(imRef, rotateImage(imMoving, rotAngleDegree), settings);
% Check convergence condition
shiftsIncrement = norm(shiftsOld(:)-shifts(:));
......@@ -156,7 +156,7 @@ switch lower(settings.registrationMode)
% Apply previously detected shifts and register rotation
rotAngleDegreeOld = rotAngleDegree;
rotAngleDegree = registerRotation(imRef, circshiftSubPixel(imMoving, shifts), settings);
rotAngleDegree = registerRotation(imRef, shiftImage(imMoving, shifts), settings);
% Check convergence condition
rotAngleIncrement = rotAngleWeightFactor * abs(rotAngleDegree - rotAngleDegreeOld);
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