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floor and ceil seems wrong here (see documentation astra_create_vol_geom)

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......@@ -156,8 +156,8 @@ end
% coordinate in y, minimum coordinate in z, maximum coordinate in z
volGeom = astra_create_vol_geom(settings.outputSize, settings.outputSize, ...
settings.numSlices, -settings.outputSize/2, settings.outputSize/2, ...
-settings.outputSize/2, settings.outputSize/2, settings.offset - floor(settings.numSlices/2), ...
settings.offset + ceil(settings.numSlices/2));
-settings.outputSize/2, settings.outputSize/2, settings.offset - settings.numSlices/2, ...
settings.offset + settings.numSlices/2);
% create initial volume for the reconstruction
volID = astra_mex_data3d('create', '-vol', volGeom);
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