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Commit a7580d90 authored by Malte Vassholz's avatar Malte Vassholz
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removed option to link volume in astraFDK - not supported by Windows anymore:...

removed option to link volume in astraFDK - not supported by Windows anymore: Memory consumption is now increased by storage of an additional projections array
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......@@ -176,14 +176,9 @@ projGeom = astra_create_proj_geom('cone', M, M, size(projs,1), size(projs,2), ..
% Adjust x/y/angle-axis-ordering to ASTRA's standard
projs = permute(projs,[2 3 1]);
% load projection data into memory
if isa(projs,'single')
% read-only link
projID = astra_mex_data3d('link','-proj3d', projGeom, projs, 1);
% create initial volume for the input volume
projID = astra_mex_data3d('create','-proj3d', projGeom, projs);
projID = astra_mex_data3d('create','-proj3d', projGeom, projs);
% set up the parameters for a reconstruction algorithm using the GPU
cfg = astra_struct('FDK_CUDA');
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