Commit 267581b5 authored by j.hoerdt's avatar j.hoerdt
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change alternateIdentifierType to sensor_id instead of serialNumber

parent 7f2f9803
......@@ -63,8 +63,7 @@ class Sensor {
private String request_to_registry(String method, String target_uri, Record rec) throws Exception {
JsonArray body = new JsonArray();
"[{\"AlternateIdentifier\":{\"AlternateIdentifierValue\":\"" + properties.get("sensor_id") + "\",\"alternateIdentifierType\":\"serialNumber\"}}]"
"21.T11148/eb3c713572f681e6c4c3", "[{\"AlternateIdentifier\":{\"AlternateIdentifierValue\":\"" + properties.get("sensor_id") + "\",\"alternateIdentifierType\":\"sensor_id\"}}]"
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