Commit b4e4b92e authored by j.hoerdt's avatar j.hoerdt
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add more descriptions and SCD30 sensor_type

all descriptions contain a link to a datasheet if available at all
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......@@ -7,7 +7,8 @@ import urllib.request
import yaml
#pid_to_test = "21.11138/2f92c6f6-891b-46ec-9b16-ca0be3342589"
pid_to_test = "21.11138/a6442237-381e-4e97-92f7-74b7749350da"
#pid_to_test = "21.11138/a6442237-381e-4e97-92f7-74b7749350da"
pid_to_test = "21.11138/c4c0f351-96e2-4e93-bf1f-0fd73e828300"
base_url = ""
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