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measurement data by alif_rahman

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measurement protocolls:
Location: - First Header : Göttingen, in a 4x4 bedroom
- Second Header : Göttingen, in a 6x3 meters room
Timestamp: incorrect;
- First Header : started 2021-01-07 ~01.30
- Second Header : started 2021-01-07 ~19.30
Others: - First Header : sleep time; closed system; heating system on grade 2
- Second Header : table tennis practice session; closed system, opened system after ~90 minutes;
heating system on grade 2
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Measurement Protocolls:
Location: Göttingen, 51°32'50"N; 9°56'52"E
Timestamp: correct
Duration: ~2 days
Others: the place, where measurement was done, was from dawn until midday shadowed by a building. The light measurement can eventually be biased.
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