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......@@ -32,7 +32,7 @@ A lecture to teach Haskell in a 2 weeks block lab course.
* [26 continous optimization]( continous optimization.ipynb)
* [27 inverse]( inverse.ipynb)
* [28 minsurf]( minsurf.ipynb)
* [general software management]( software management.ipynb)
* [Untitled](
* [shortest path]( path.ipynb)
## viewing of the notebooks
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# general software management
the management of software has many parts. We pick some of them here:
* design
* version control
* documentation
* packaging
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## version control
version control mainly tracks the changes in code over time, by whom and why.
This is the basic of an efficient team workflow as well as all other aspects of software managemenent
### git
We choose git here.
#### design of git
* a repository which holds all the version information
* a local checkout which holds all the files of one version
* possible several connections to *remotes* which are other repositories of the same project.
you can work locally, creating new versions (via *commits*) and if you want to share it with others *push* it to an remote.
#### basic workflow
Get initial clone of an repository
git clone <url>
update local repo
git pull
update remote repo (usually one central repository)
git push
add file for an commit (be it untracked or modified)
git add <file>
commit (create a new version)
git commit
### getting lecture code
git clone
cd haskell_labcourse
to update do
git pull
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``` haskell
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