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......@@ -44,7 +44,7 @@ Firstly, we need some basic tools. Probably most of these (except for *mpmath*)
* [mpmath]( This is a multi-precision library which we use for evaluation of some of the special functions.
* [cmake](
We proceed to the more specific software. The components *ngs_refsol*,*ceres_dtn* and *pole_finder* described below
We proceed to the more specific software. The components *ngs_refsol*,*ceres_dtn*, *ngs_arb*,*helio_tools* and *pole_finder* described below
are submodules of the repository at hand. They can be pulled with
```git clone```.
......@@ -61,6 +61,9 @@ The main tools are:
cd build
cmake ..
* *helio_tools*: Minor extension of *NGSolve* providing some auxiliary tools for computational helioseismology. Can be installed analogously to
*ngs_refsol*. This extension is required only for a single experiment (computation of power spectrum for axisymmetric discretization). Users
who are not interested in this experiment can ignore this extension.
* [ngsxfem]( is an add-on library to NGSolve for unfitted finite element technologies. We use some of the features that this library provides
in the experiments featuring sweeping preconditioners.
* [Ceres Solver]( Nonlinear least squares solver utilized for solving the optimization problem for dtn. Installation instructions
......@@ -809,8 +812,8 @@ the script `` consists of two steps.
This will produce the power spectra *power-spectrum-VALC-meshed.out* and *power-spectrum-Atmo-whitw.out*.
* If you would prefer to also compute the dtn numbers yourself, then omit the "download" flag
python3 "VALC" "download"
python3 "Atmo" "download"
python3 "VALC"
python3 "Atmo"
Afterwards please continue with the instructions given for the case of already provided data, see e.g.[here](#IntroHelioDownload). The "download" flag
in these instructions can now be omitted.
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