Commit 3bc6858a authored by mrodzis's avatar mrodzis 💪
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feat: add Schematron rule for objectMeasurementsSetComplexType

parent 357e83d5
......@@ -95,6 +95,18 @@
<sch:title>@lido:type for objectMeasurementsSetComplexType</sch:title>
<sch:p>Although the lido:type has been introduced for lido:objectMeasurementsSetComplexType, it should only be used for
lido:eventObjectMeasurementsSet in context of the EODEM application profile.</sch:p>
<sch:rule context="lido:objectMeasurementsSet">
<sch:assert role="warn" test="not(@lido:type)">
The only element of the complex type lido:objectMeasurementsSetComplexType holding @lido:type should be lido:eventObjectMeasurementsSet.
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