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feat: add Schematron rule for IIIF (closes #40)

parent bc27daa9
...@@ -107,6 +107,23 @@ ...@@ -107,6 +107,23 @@
</sch:assert> </sch:assert>
</sch:rule> </sch:rule>
</sch:pattern> </sch:pattern>
<sch:title>Avoid Providing Resource Measurements When Using IIIF</sch:title>
<sch:p>IIIF resources provide information about their measurements in their
info.json. Therefore it is redundant to also make the resource's measurements
available in lido:resourceMeasurementsSet.</sch:p>
<sch:rule context="lido:resourceRepresentation" id="IIIF_Measurements">
<sch:assert role="warn"
(@type = '' or @type = '')
and not(lido:resourceMeasurementsSet)"
> Do not set lido:resourceMeasurementsSet when providing a IIIF resource.
Resource measurements are available in the resource's info.json.
</xs:appinfo> </xs:appinfo>
</xs:annotation> </xs:annotation>
</xs:schema> </xs:schema>
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