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Translate and update the minified GML's docs

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......@@ -5,10 +5,14 @@
elementFormDefault="qualified" attributeFormDefault="unqualified" version="">
<appinfo source="urn:opengis:specification:gml:schema-xsd:gml:3.1.1">gml.xsd</appinfo>
<documentation>Dieses Ding ersetzt temporär das echte gml.xsd, solange einige
Versionen (2.7.x und früher) von libxml2 mit den abhängigen Schemareferenzen
Schwierigkeiten haben.
07-Apr-2016 Detlev Balzer
This schema is a minified version of the full GML XSD (available at
It contains only the GML elements that are considered in LIDO. The reason for shipping a minified XSD version are threefold:
1. some versions of libxml2 (2.7.x and earlier) have problems with schema references depending on other schemas
2. GML provides some Schematron rules to ensure ISO compliance. These interfere with LIDO' Schematron rules by marking lido:gml elements as wrong for not being ISO compliant.
3. the validation is much faster without importing the full GML schema
created 2016-04-07 by Detlev Balzer
<element name="Point">
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