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......@@ -956,14 +956,7 @@
<xs:element name="date" type="lido:dateComplexType" minOccurs="0" id="date">
<tei:ab type="description">Contains a date specification by providing a set
of years as <tei:ref target="#earliestDate">earliestDate</tei:ref> and
<tei:ref target="#latestDate">latestDate</tei:ref> delimiting the
respective span of time. This may be a period or a set of years in the
proleptic Gregorian calendar delimiting the span of time. If it is an
exact date, possibly with time, repeat the same date (and time) in
<tei:ref target="#earliestDate">earliestDate</tei:ref> and <tei:ref
<tei:ab type="description">An expression of a date by providing a set of years as earliest and latest date delimiting the respective span of time, usually given in the proleptic Gregorian calendar. If it is an exact date, possibly with time, repeat the same date (and time) in Earliest Date and latest date elements.</tei:ab>
<tei:ab type="label">Date</tei:ab>
<tei:ab type="furtherReading">
......@@ -1320,7 +1313,7 @@
<xs:element name="periodName" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="unbounded" id="periodName">
<tei:ab type="description">A period in which the event took place.</tei:ab>
<tei:ab type="description">An index element indicating the period in which the event happened, comprising information about style, historical or artistic period, or movement. Examples may be Bronze Age, First Dynasty of Babylon, Renaissance, or Impressionist.</tei:ab>
<tei:ab type="note">Period concepts have delimiting character in time and
<tei:ab type="label">Period</tei:ab>
......@@ -3756,8 +3749,7 @@
maxOccurs="unbounded" id="creditLine">
<tei:ab type="description">Acknowledgement of the rights associated with the
physical and/or digital object as requested.</tei:ab>
<tei:ab type="description">A formal acknowledgement related to the entity in focus (e. g. the object/work, resource or metadata record), which identifies the contribution e.g. of the owner, benefactor or producer to the entity's acquisition or production. May include, for instance, the name of the benefactor and the kind of contribution, such as bequest, gift, or loan. For resources, it can also state that copyrighted material has been reproduced with permission of the copyright holder. For metadata and/or resources, it can comprise an acknowledgement of the funding agency that supported the digitisation and indexing. - Preferably transcribed verbatim as stated by the rights holder.</tei:ab>
<tei:ab type="label">Creditline</tei:ab>
<tei:ab type="furtherReading">
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