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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<sch:schema xmlns:sch=""
<sch:ns uri="" prefix="lido"/>
<sch:title>Allow free text or LIDO's concept elements (mutually exclusive)</sch:title>
<sch:p>Some elements in LIDO v1.0 should be controlled in the future whereas they are free
text elements in LIDO v1.0. To ensure backwarts compatibility either a free text or a
controlled term should be provided in a mutually exclusive way.</sch:p>
<sch:rule context="lido:extentMaterialsTech">
(lido:displayConcept or lido:conceptID or lido:term) and not(text()[not(normalize-space(.) = '')] or @xml:lang or @lido:encodinganalog or @lido:label)
(text()[normalize-space(.) != ''] and not(lido:displayConcept or lido:conceptID or lido:term))"
> Either a free text (incl. its attributes) OR a combination of
lido:displayConceptID, lido:conceptID and lido:term can be a child of
lido:extentMaterialsTech, but not both at the same time. </sch:assert>
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