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Package: multicrispr
Title: Multi-locus multi-purpose Crispr/Cas design
Version: 0.99.25
Version: 0.99.26
Authors@R: c(person("Aditya", "Bhagwat", NULL, "", c("aut", "cre")),
person( "Johannes", "Graumann", NULL, '',c("sad", "ctb")),
person( "Mette", "Bentsen", NULL, "", "ctb"),
# multicrispr: gRNA design
### Installation
bibentry(bibtype = "Article",
title = "{multicrispr}: gRNA design for prime editing and parallel targeting of thousands of targets",
author = c(person("Aditya", "M", "Bhagwat"),
person("Johannes", "Graumann"),
person("Rene", "Wiegandt"),
person("Mette", "Bentsen"),
person("Jordan", "Welker"),
person("Jordan", "Welker"),
person("Karsten", "Cuenne"),
person("Jens", "Preussner"),
person("Thomas", "Braun"),
person("Mario", "Looso")),
journal = "Life Science Alliance",
year = "2020",
volume = "3",
number = "11",
url = "",
doi = "10.26508/lsa.202000757")
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