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Package: multicrispr
Title: Multi-locus multi-purpose Crispr/Cas design
Version: 0.99.30
Version: 0.99.31
Encoding: UTF-8
Authors@R: c(person("Aditya", "Bhagwat", NULL, "", c("aut", "cre")),
person( "Johannes", "Graumann", NULL, '',c("sad", "ctb")),
......@@ -15,7 +15,6 @@ Description: This package is for designing Crispr/Cas9 and Prime Editing experim
Care has been taken for multicrispr to scale well towards large target sets,
enabling the design of large Crispr/Cas9 libraries.
License: GPL-2
Encoding: UTF-8
LazyData: true
RoxygenNote: 7.1.1
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