Commit 260e342b authored by shadow_walker's avatar shadow_walker
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set outliers=True only if no renderbits are specified by user

parent caa86b8a
......@@ -3098,7 +3098,10 @@ and the file size will increase.
raise Exception(f"Only {[i.strip('.') for i in compressible_formats()]} "
f"formats are supported by write_compressed()")
if outbits: bits = outbits
if outbits:
bits = outbits
nooutliers = True
if isinstance(self,EMData):
......@@ -3121,8 +3124,6 @@ and the file size will increase.
if minval == 'FULL': minval = im["minimum"]
if maxval == 'FULL': maxval = im["maximum"]
nooutliers = True
### This is an important option, as it will be the default in many cases. It makes an effort to intelligently
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