Unverified Commit 407d4d29 authored by Adam C Fluty's avatar Adam C Fluty Committed by GitHub
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fixed compressbits option in e2rawdata.py

added the compressbits option pass through to the parallel task generator when more than one thread was specified
parent 5c22b971
......@@ -109,6 +109,7 @@ def main():
if options.ac!=None : opts+="--ac {} ".format(options.ac)
if options.defocusmin!=None : opts+="--defocusmin {} ".format(options.defocusmin)
if options.defocusmax!=None : opts+="--defocusmax {} ".format(options.defocusmax)
if options.compressbits!=None: opts+="--compressbits {} ".format(options.compressbits)
thrds=[threading.Thread(target=launch_childprocess,args=["e2rawdata.py "+opts+" ".join(args[i*blk:(i+1)*blk])]) for i in range(options.threads)]
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