Commit 5d4ce66d authored by shadow_walker's avatar shadow_walker
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parent 0c129aa2
......@@ -2977,6 +2977,15 @@ def db_read_image(self, fsp, *parms, **kparms):
#if lsxcache==None or lsxcache.path!=fsp: lsxcache=LSXFile(fsp,True)
#return lsxcache.read_image(parms[0])
fsp, idxs = parse_infile_arg(fsp)
if len(parms) > 0 and parms[0]:
idx = idxs[parms[0]]
idx = idxs[0]
parms = idx, *parms[1:]
if len(kparms) != 0:
if 'img_index' not in kparms:
kparms['img_index'] = 0
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