Commit 764e7a69 authored by shadow_walker's avatar shadow_walker
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remove negative index read test for spider, not valid with new syntax file read

parent 5d4ce66d
......@@ -354,20 +354,6 @@ class TestSpiderIO(ImageIOTester):
e.process_inplace('testimage.sinewave', {'wavelength':20})
e.set_attr('SPIDER.title', 'The fourth image in the stack')
e.write_image('test.spi', 3)
f = EMData()
#read the overall herder
f.read_image('test.spi', -1, True)
d = f.get_attr_dict()
img_num = d['SPIDER.maxim']
#read the individual image from a stack
for i in range(img_num):
f.read_image('test.spi', i)
self.assertEqual(f.is_complex(), False)
self.assertEqual(f.get_xsize(), 100)
self.assertEqual(f.get_ysize(), 100)
self.assertEqual(f.get_zsize(), 1)
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