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    Repository split · b3e7b75b
    Christoph Ruegge authored
    This commit is the result of a history rewrite. Commit messages up to here may
    not be entirely accurate, as they might refer to files that have been removed or
    are now part of the other split repo (i.e. the Matlab version).
    Changes include:
    - Removal of *.mat from history
    - Removal of generated files like *.pyc and Sphinx API reference
    - Addition of .gitignore file
    - Minor adjustments due to changed paths
    *Not* included are modifications pertaining to references to the `inputdata`
    directory, which is not, and should not be, part of the repository anymore. In
    particular, the test suite fails in this commit due to missing input data. To
    get a list of all source locations which have to be adjusted, use `git grep