Commit 1cda9ab2 authored by Matthijs's avatar Matthijs
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clean up

parent e611fb11
......@@ -64,7 +64,6 @@ class XYZStackViewer:
defaults to abs() for complex data
:param name: Set the name of the figure to a string.
# TODO: add toggles to set the data transformation, to None, Abs, Complex -> RGB
if get_backend() not in good_backends:
warn(Warning('Current matplotlib backend may not allow for optimal funcionality! Use, e.g., Qt'))
......@@ -150,10 +149,8 @@ class XYZStackViewer:
self.abs_label = 'Abs value'
self.complexcolorlabel = 'Complex to color' = RadioButtons(rax, (self.abs_label, self.complexcolorlabel), active=radio_start)
# self.fig.tight_layout()
def update_1(self, n):
......@@ -179,7 +176,7 @@ class XYZStackViewer:
self.cast_fn = abs
elif radio_label == self.complexcolorlabel:
self.cast_fn = complex_to_rgb
self.update_1(self.ax1slider.val) # apply the change
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