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Default params

parent f1faedb1
......@@ -19,16 +19,13 @@ class OrthogonalOrbitals(PlanarMolecule):
'constraint': 'sparse real',
'sparsity_parameter': 75,
'use_sparsity_with_support': True,
'threshold_for_support': 0.05,
'threshold_for_support': 0.1,
'support_filename': None,
'Nx': None,
'Ny': None,
'Nz': None,
'MAXIT': 500,
'TOL': 1e-10,
'lambda_0': 0.85,
'lambda_max': 0.50,
'lambda_switch': 50,
'diagnostic': True,
'algorithm': 'CP', # Cyclic Projections: reduces to AP when only given 2 proxoperators
'iterate_monitor_name': 'FeasibilityIterateMonitor', # 'IterateMonitor', #
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