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incoherent fields: sparsity applied to total intensity

parent 5a8b7d50
......@@ -155,3 +155,10 @@ class DegenerateOrbital(PlanarMolecule):
if show:
return fig
def interpolate_and_zoom(self, u, interpolation=2, zoom=0.5):
interpolate a field and zoom in to the center
return u
from numpy import sum
from numpy import sum, where
from numpy.core._multiarray_umath import sqrt, array
from proxtoolbox.proxoperators import P_M, P_Sparsity_real
......@@ -27,9 +27,16 @@ class P_M_incoherent(P_M):
class P_Sparsity_real_incoherent(P_Sparsity_real):
Apply a sparsity constraint to the combined intensity of a set of incoherent iterates
def __init__(self, experiment):
super(P_Sparsity_real_incoherent, self).__init__(experiment)
def eval(self, u, prox_idx=None):
out = array([super(P_Sparsity_real_incoherent, self).eval(u_i) for u_i in u])
u_real = u.real
density = sum(abs(u_real)**2, axis=0)
sparse = super(P_Sparsity_real_incoherent, self).eval(density)
out = array([where(sparse != 0, u_i, 0) for u_i in u_real])
# out = array([super(P_Sparsity_real_incoherent, self).eval(u_i) for u_i in u])
return out
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