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from numpy import array, shape, meshgrid, roll
from numpy.fft import fft2, ifft2
from scipy import floor, pi, exp, sqrt
def IFresnel2(A):
""" IFresnel2
written on 3. May 2019 by
Constantin Höing
Inst. Fuer Numerische und Angewandte Mathematik
Universität Göttingen
Description: < Description >
Input: A, n x m numpy array
Output: E_out, nxm numpy array
Usage: E_out = IFresnel2(A) """
Nx, Ny = shape(A)
z_eff = 0.0088 # distance object plane to observation plane [m]
Lambda = 7.0846e-11 # x-ray wavelength [m]
d1x = 1.5672e-07 # pixel size in object plane [m]
d1y = 1.5672e-07
x02 = floor(Nx/2)+1
y02 = floor(Ny/2)+1
x01 = x02
y01 = y02
# create Coordinate system
# Get Frequency coordinates
xd = array(list(map(lambda x: (x-x01)/Nx/d1x, range(1,Nx+1))))
yd = array(list(map(lambda y: (y-y01)/Ny/d1y, range(1,Ny+1))))
[Fx,Fy] = meshgrid(xd,-yd)
del xd, yd
# calc necessary propagators
kappa = 2 * pi/Lambda * sqrt(1-Lambda**2 * (Fx**2 + Fy**2))
H = exp(sqrt(-1) * kappa * abs(z_eff))
#proagate from sample plane to detector plane
E_out = fft2(A)
E_out = roll(E_out, int(y01-1), axis=1)
E_out = roll(E_out, int(x01-1), axis=0) * H.T
E_out = roll(E_out, int(-(y01-1)), axis=1)
E_out = roll(E_out, int(-(x01-1)), axis=0)
return ifft2(E_out)
if __name__ == "__main__":
A = array([[1,2,3,4,5], [4,-2,3,10,0]]).reshape(2,5)
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