Commit 6e0bee00 authored by markus.meier01's avatar markus.meier01
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Fixed bug in QNAP

parent 6a838de7
......@@ -162,7 +162,7 @@ class QNAP(Algorithm):
# now reshape unew_vec
tmp_u_vec = unew_vec[0:self.Ny*self.Nx-1]+1j*unew_vec[self.Ny*self.Nx:self.Ny*self.Nx*2-1]
tmp_u_vec = unew_vec[0:self.Ny*self.Nx]+1j*unew_vec[self.Ny*self.Nx:self.Ny*self.Nx*2]
for j in range(self.product_space_dimension):
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