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......@@ -257,7 +257,7 @@ class Approx_P_JWST_Poisson(ProxOperator):
self.product_space_dimension = config['product_space_dimension'];
self.abs_illumination = config['abs_illumination'];
#calculate the following once for better performance (speedup of JWST ~20% for 500 Iterations)
#calculate the following once (not every iteration) for better performance (speedup ~20% for 500 Iterations JWST)
self.exp_illu = exp(1j*self.illumination_phase)*tile(self.indicator_ampl[...,None],(1,1,self.product_space_dimension-1))
self.exp_illu_minus = exp(-1j*self.illumination_phase)*tile(self.indicator_ampl[...,None],(1,1,self.product_space_dimension-1))
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