Commit 8b1077ab authored by Matthijs's avatar Matthijs
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parent 7f014975
......@@ -157,8 +157,10 @@ class Phase(Problem):
self.output[key] = array_tools.roll_to_pos(self.output[key], pos=center)
# This sequence will work for objects *with a small support* even if they lie over the edge of the array
if 'interpolate_result' in self.config and self.config['interpolate_result']:
# TODO: compatibility with non-2d iterates, particularly 3D
self.output[key] = interpolation.fourier_interpolate(self.output[key])
if 'zoomin_on_result' in self.config and self.config['zoomin_on_result']:
# TODO: compatibility with non-2d iterates, particularly 3D
if self.output[key].ndim == 2:
zmy, zmx = self.output[key].shape # self.config['Ny'] // 4, self.config["Nx"] // 4
self.output[key] = self.output[key][zmy:-zmy, zmx:-zmx]
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