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from proxoperators import ProxOperator
import numpy as np
class P_Amod(ProxOperator):
Projection onto support constraints
def __init__(self, config):
config : dict - Dictionary containing the problem configuration. It must contain the following mapping:
'support_idx': array_like - indeces of the nonzero elements in the object domain
self.n = config['support_idx']
def work(self,u):
the projection IN THE PHYSICAL (time) DOMAIN, leaves the phase alone on the support, resets amplitude to 1 and sets amplitude to 1 with 0 phase outside support.
u : array_like - function in the physical domain to be projected
p_A : array_like - Projection
n = self.n
p_A= np.ones(u.shape,dtype=u.dtype)
for x in n:
p_A[x] = u[x]/abs(u[x])
return p_A
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