Commit a5ed7d07 authored by alexander.dornheim's avatar alexander.dornheim
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Added TestAll to TestAll examples. For now only tests ART.

parent 5998f724
import sys
from ART import ART
import proxtoolbox.Problems.CT
print("Starting Test routine\n")
ART_examples = ["ART_alternating_proj_in", "ART_averaged_proj_in","BLOCK_AP_parallel_ART_in", "BLOCK_GRAAL_parallel_ART_in", "BLOCK_RAAR_parallel_ART_in", "BLOCK_RAAR_sequential_ART_in"]
print("Testing ART")
for example in ART_examples:
print("Test " + example)
demo = getattr(proxtoolbox.Problems.CT,example)
config = demo.new_config
config['MAXIT'] = 10
CT = ART(demo.new_config)
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