Commit aaf10810 authored by Alexander Dornheim's avatar Alexander Dornheim
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Using GetData.getData in Goettingen_data_processor (reduce redundant code)

parent 458c91d7
......@@ -12,28 +12,13 @@ import proxtoolbox.Utilities.GetData as GetData
import urllib.request
import tarfile
#for downloading input data
import proxtoolbox.Utilities.GetData as GetData
def Goettingen_data_processor(config):
# Parameters of the forward problem
my_file = Path("../InputData/Phase/cell256.mat")
if not(my_file.is_file()):
print("Phase input data is missing.")
if GetData.query_yes_no("Do you want to download the phase input data?"):
urllib.request.urlretrieve("","../InputData/Phase.tar.gz", reporthook=GetData.dlProgress)
print("\nExtracting data...")
tar ="../InputData/Phase.tar.gz", "r:gz")
if not(my_file.is_file()):
print('* Input data still missing. Please try automatic download again or manually download *')
print('* *')
print('* Save and unpack the Phase.tar.gz datafile in the *')
print('* ProxMatlab/InputData subdirectory *')
#make sure input data can be found, otherwise download it
experiment = config['experiment']
......@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@ from numpy.linalg import norm
from numpy.fft import fftshift
import proxtoolbox.Utilities as Utilities
#for loading data
#for downloading data
import proxtoolbox.Utilities.GetData as GetData
def JWST_data_processor(config):
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