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.. currentmodule:: proxtoolbox
Behind the scenes
There is more behind the routines which the user can see at first glance.
Have a closer look at:
.. contents::
Problem interface
The class :class:`Sudoku<Problems.Sudoku>` inherits from the interface :class:`Problem<Problems.problems.Problem>` which determines some basic methods Sudoku should have. Most of them still needs to be implemented, i.e.
* __init__
* _presolve
* _solve
* _postsolve
* show
* save
Dependencies Problem-Algorithm-ProxOperators
The solving process of a Sudoku puzzle is based on an algorithm and several proximal operators - as intended by the structure of the ProxToolbox. They are all set in the configuration, remember::
config = {
# This is the algorithm we use. RAAR and HPR will work.
# RAAR requires 2 ProxOperators
# P_parallel requires a sequence of projectors
The algorithm :class:`RAAR<Algorithms.RAAR>` is contained in the Problems module and inherits from the corresponding interface :class:`Problem<Problems.problems.Problem>`.
RAAR requires two proximal operators. The chosen operators, :class:`P_diag<ProxOperators.P_diag>` and :class:`P_parallel<ProxOperators.P_parallel>`, belong to the ProxOperators module with interface :class:`ProxOperator<ProxOperators.proxoperators.ProxOperator>`.
Furthermore, P_parallel processes a sequence of projections which also inherit from the ProxOperators module's interface. Since these four operators, 'ProjRow','ProjColumn','ProjSquare' and 'ProjGiven', work explicitly on the Sudoku data, they are implemented in the sudoku-file and do not belong to the ProxOperators module.
.. currentmodule:: proxtoolbox.Problems
Get started
The probably easiest, descriptive Problems instance implemented by the ProxToolbox is :class:`Sudoku`. It solves the well-known Sudoku puzzles.
.. contents::
Run default Sudoku
The user needs to type the following lines into a terminal to import the Sudoku problem, initialize an instance with the default configuration and to start the solving process::
from proxtoolbox.Problems import Sudoku
prob_sudoku = Sudoku()
Now, the user can access the solution for the specified Sudoku puzzle by::
To visualize the solution and to get some benchmarking results, the Problems class provides a separate method::
Adapt the configuration
As already indicated, the Sudoku class provides a dictionary as default configuration, i.e.::
config = {
# This is the algorithm we use. RAAR and HPR will work.
# RAAR requires 2 ProxOperators
# P_parallel requires a sequence of projectors
# Relaxation parameters for RAAR/HPR
# Any algorithm requires these
# Dimension parameters
# which are the same for every standard Sudoku
# Just a random Sudoku. Not too easy, but no challenge for
# the mighty ProxToolbox!
Any Sudoku instance needs to contain a dictionary with the mappings listed above. Each parameter is assigned to a basic type, like a number, a boolean, a string or a collection of one of these types.
To initialize a Sudoku instance with a specific configuration, the user has to create a dictionary which contains mappings corresponding to the list above. This dictionary does not need to redefine every mapping but only those being different to the default values.
Assume the new configuration called "new_config" is stored in file "". Then the following commands initialize a Sudoku instance with this configuration::
# from proxtoolbox.Problems import Sudoku
from sudoku_in import new_config
prob_sudoku = Sudoku(new_config)
Note that it is recommended to create a new Sudoku instance for every configuration.
.. _tutorial:
This tutorial shows how to use and how to develop a problem within the ProxToolbox.
The model case is a solver for the well-known Sudoku puzzles.
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......@@ -14,11 +14,13 @@ Welcome to ProxToolbox's documentation!
.. automodule:: proxtoolbox
In the following, we provide a manual for the ProxToolbox.
In the following, we provide a tutorial, a manual and advanced descriptions for the ProxToolbox.
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