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Added a ProxPython_for_Dummies_README.txt file. This is a work in progress.

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So, you made it this far. Congratulations. There are three paths to
enlightenment: the way of faith, the way of action and the way
of thought. This README follows the way of action to gain enlightenment
in python and proxtoolbox. You've made the first step by just
getting to the question.
1. You need to get your confidence up by running a demo in python.
So the first thing to do is open another X-terminal window and
change directories to ...proxtoolbox/ProxPython (the same directory
you are reading this from). At the shell-prompt, type
This will open an instance of python3.##. If your ipython interpreter
calls up version 3 of python, then you can type
If you don't understand that last statement, skip it, it's not important.
Either way, if see a different cursor prompt, then your in. Congratulations,
you have graduated to step 2!
2. Type
import numpy as np
at the python prompt. Don't ask why, just do it - it is not interesting.
But you should always do it without fail every time you open python for numerical
mathematics. It's like washing your hands before you eat, except the opposite,
if that makes any sense, which it probably doesn't, so just do it and stop asking
questions. There will be a lot of these kind of command you will be told to type
without explanation, so we'll just denote them JDI for ``just do it".
3. Demo-specific JDI: type
from proxtoolbox.Problems import Sudoku
at the python prompt.
4. Demo-specific JDI: type
5. Demo-specific JDI: type
6. Demo-specific JDI: type
7. Did a graphics window appear with two Sudoku boards (one unsolved, one solved) and two graphs
underneat? Congratulations, you've just taken your first step into a larger world!
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