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written on September 2. 1019 by
Constantin Höing
Inst. Fuer Numerische und Angewandte Mathematik
Universität Göttingen
Description: Function for padding an array with ones.
Automatically resizes the array to the next
largest diad by adding zeros symmetrically to the array and again
symmetrically doubles the size of the array. Takes one or two
dimensional arrays.
Input: m = numpy data array
Output: padded_m = the ones padded numpy array
Usage: padded_m = OnesPad(m) """
from math import log2, ceil
import numpy as np
def OnesPad(arr):
if len(np.shape(arr)) == 2:
#creat ones array in right shape
[m, n] = np.shape(arr)
max_dim = max([m,n])
pad_shape = 2**(int(log2(max_dim) + 1))
padded = np.ones((pad_shape, pad_shape))
#place the input array at the right place into padded
free_top_bottum = pad_shape - m
free_left_right = pad_shape - n
free_top = ceil(free_top_bottum / 2)
free_bottum = int(free_top_bottum / 2)
free_left = ceil(free_left_right / 2)
free_right = int(free_left_right / 2)
padded[free_top:free_bottum+max_dim, free_left:free_right+max_dim] = arr
return padded
m = np.shape(arr)[0]
pad_shape = 2**(int(log2(m) + 1))
padded = np.ones(pad_shape)
padded[pad_shape- m:] = arr
return padded
if __name__ == "__main__":
A = np.arange(12).reshape(3, 4)
A = np.array([1,2, 3])
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