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documentation + plotInputData improvement

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......@@ -7,16 +7,17 @@ from proxtoolbox.experiments.orbitaltomography.orbitExperiment import OrbitalTom
from proxtoolbox.utils.visualization.complex_field_visualization import complex_to_rgb
from proxtoolbox.utils.orbitaltomog import bin_array, shifted_fft, shifted_ifft, fourier_interpolate, roll_to_pos
#for downloading data
# for downloading data
import proxtoolbox.utils.GetData as GetData
from proxtoolbox.utils.GetData import datadir
class PlanarMolecule(OrbitalTomographyExperiment):
def getDefaultParameters():
# TODO: optimize parameters and proxoperators to get good & consistent phase retrieval using the demo
defaultParams = {
'experiment_name': 'noisy 2D ARPES', # '2D ARPES', #
'experiment_name': 'noisy 2D ARPES', # '2D ARPES', #
'data_filename': datadir/'OrbitalTomog'/'coronene_homo1.tif',
'from_intensity_data': False,
'object': 'real',
......@@ -48,6 +49,16 @@ class PlanarMolecule(OrbitalTomographyExperiment):
return defaultParams
def __init__(self, **kwargs):
Orbital tomography for planar molecules, yielding 2D reconstructions from single-photon-energy ARPES
Kwargs can include:
- data_filename: full path to data file
- support_filename: full path to file indicating the object support
- sparsity_parameter: integer number of pixels of the object
- and more...
super(PlanarMolecule, self).__init__(**kwargs)
# do here any data member initialization
......@@ -140,16 +151,17 @@ class PlanarMolecule(OrbitalTomographyExperiment):
def plotInputData(self):
"""Quick plotting routine to show the data, initial guess and the sparsity support"""
fig, ax = plt.subplots(1, 3, figsize=(12, 3.5))
fig, ax = plt.subplots(1, 3, figsize=(8, 3))
im = ax[0].imshow(
plt.colorbar(im, ax=ax[0])
plt.title("Photoelectron spectrum")
plt.colorbar(im, ax=ax[0], shrink=0.6)
ax[0].set_title("Photoelectron spectrum")
plt.title("Initial guess")
ax[1].set_title("Initial guess")
if self.sparsity_support is not None:
im = ax[2].imshow(self.sparsity_support, cmap='gray')
# plt.colorbar(im, ax=ax[2])
plt.title("Sparsity support")
ax[2].set_title("Sparsity support")
def show(self):
......@@ -206,12 +218,12 @@ class PlanarMolecule(OrbitalTomographyExperiment):
ax[0].set_title("Measured data")
prop = self.propagator(self)
guess = self.algorithm.prox2.eval(self.algorithm.u)
guess = roll_to_pos(guess, pos=tuple([s//2 for s in guess.shape]), move_maximum=True)
guess = roll_to_pos(guess, pos=tuple([s // 2 for s in guess.shape]), move_maximum=True)
guess = roll_to_pos(guess, pos=tuple([s // 2 for s in guess.shape]))
u_hat = prop.eval(self.algorithm.prox1.eval(guess))
ax[1].set_title("Predicted measurement intensity")
ax[2].imshow(complex_to_rgb(u_hat, background='light'))
ax[2].set_title("Predicted phase (by color)")
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