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Written by Matthijs Jansen, October 2020.
Contains two proxoperators which apply to a set of iterates, similar to incoherent modes of a light field
or (in my application) degenerate molecular orbitals.
from numpy import sum, where
from numpy.core._multiarray_umath import sqrt, array
Written by Matthijs Jansen, October 2020 together with Russell Luke
Contains a proxoperator which takes a set of two real-valued vectors (iterate shaped like [[i_1,j_1, .., z_1], [i_2,
j_2, .., z_2]] and rotates these such that they are orthogonal. Before this is done, the vectors are normalized and
projected onto real values.
from numpy import sum, array, sqrt, zeros_like
from proxtoolbox.proxoperators.proxoperator import ProxOperator
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