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Commit ab3fe04e authored by maximilian.winkler01's avatar maximilian.winkler01
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großer Umkreis macht alles kaputt

parent 70ccde0f
......@@ -7,6 +7,7 @@ class Triangle:
def __init__(self, A: Tuple[float, float], B: Tuple[float, float], C: Tuple[float, float]):
self.points = sorted([A, B, C])
self.area = self.calc_area(*A, *B, *C)
self.circumcircle = self.calculate_circumcircle()
def calculate_circumcircle(self):
......@@ -95,7 +96,7 @@ class Delaunay_triangulation:
self.triangle_queue = self._triangles[-3:]
pts = self.get_all_points()
while self.triangle_queue:
# print(self.triangle_queue)
t = self.triangle_queue.pop()
for p in pts:
if p in t.points:
......@@ -104,11 +105,30 @@ class Delaunay_triangulation:
self.handle_point_in_circumcircle(t, p)
def flip(self, current_t, p_in_circumcircle):
# Finde Dreieck, was aus p_in_circumcircle und 2 Punkten aus current_t besteht
triangle_with_problematic_edge = None
for t in self._triangles:
if p_in_circumcircle in t and sum([x in t for x in current_t.points]) == 2:
triangle_with_problematic_edge = t
if not triangle_with_problematic_edge:
raise AssertionError("DEBUG: ich bin doof")
# Edge herausfinden die blockiert
edge_to_remove = [*set(triangle_with_problematic_edge.points).intersection(set(current_t.points))]
# Punkt finden zum Verbinden mit p_in_circumcircle
point_to_connect_to = set(current_t.points).difference(edge_to_remove).pop()
return point_to_connect_to, edge_to_remove
def handle_point_in_circumcircle(self, current_t, p_in_circumcircle):
farthest_pt, nearest_pts = current_t.get_farthest_point_away_and_nearest_line_to(p_in_circumcircle)
t1 = Triangle(p_in_circumcircle, farthest_pt, nearest_pts[0])
t2 = Triangle(p_in_circumcircle, farthest_pt, nearest_pts[1])
self.update_triangle_structures(t1, t2, nearest_pts)
point_to_connect_to, edge_to_remove = self.flip(current_t, p_in_circumcircle)
t1 = Triangle(p_in_circumcircle, point_to_connect_to, edge_to_remove[0])
t2 = Triangle(p_in_circumcircle, point_to_connect_to, edge_to_remove[1])
self.update_triangle_structures(t1, t2, edge_to_remove)
def update_triangle_structures(self, t1_new, t2_new, removed_line):
triangles_to_remove = [t for t in self._triangles if
......@@ -176,7 +196,7 @@ class Delaunay_triangulation:
return self.xmin <= pt[0] <= self.xmax and self.ymin <= pt[1] <= self.ymax
def add_new_triangles(self, pt, t):
for a,b in [[0,1],[0,2],[1,2]]:
for a, b in [[0, 1], [0, 2], [1, 2]]:
self._triangles.append(Triangle(t.points[a], t.points[b], pt))
# print([*itertools.product(t.points, t.points)])
# for a, b in itertools.product(t.points, t.points):
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