Commit 3e1d857a authored by Azat Khuziyakhmetov's avatar Azat Khuziyakhmetov
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quick bug fix

parent 2c6147d9
......@@ -71,6 +71,7 @@ def get_aggregator(job_id, type="ascii"):
new_node.proc.mem_vms = procd["mem_vms"]
new_node.proc.cpu_usage = procd["cpu_usage"]
if type == "pdf":
new_node.proc.seq_cpu_usage = SeqVals(data["seq_delta"], data["seq"][node_id]["proc_cpu_usage_sum"])
new_node.proc.seq_mem_rss_sum = SeqVals(data["seq_delta"], data["seq"][node_id]["proc_mem_rss_sum"])
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