Commit 40070e20 authored by Azat Khuziyakhmetov's avatar Azat Khuziyakhmetov
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in the epilog script set hostname as a tag for allocated CUs

parent eb803a85
......@@ -247,9 +247,8 @@ def format_influxdb_alloc(job_id, alloc_info, cur_time):
req = ""
for node_name, alloc_cu in alloc_info.items():
req += "{:s},jobid={:s} ".format(mname, job_id)
req += "{:s},jobid={:s},host={:s} ".format(mname, job_id, node_name)
req += "node_name=\"{}\",".format(node_name)
req += "alloc_cu={}".format(alloc_cu)
req += " {:d}\n".format(cur_time)
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