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Closes #21.

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......@@ -30,6 +30,8 @@ When used via its file upload API endpoint (instead of the webhook listener), th
- if the TEI file has changed during the process (it may now have a new DOI entry somewhere), the response to the POST request (i.e. the initial file upload) will be the changed file
- if the file has not changed, the response will just be the zenodo DOI that has been created
A more cursory description of how this service is used in the context of the project [The School of Salamanca]( can be found in one of the projects' [blogposts](
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Note that, since the XPath library that this service uses only supports basic XPath functions, you cannot really parse or manipulate the values via configuration settings. This means that you have to use some of zenodo's controlled vocabulary in your TEI markup! For instance, the names of licenses or if editor roles in your TEI files are expected to be compatible with zenodo. You could, for example, use the `@n`-attribute of TEI's `&lt;licence&gt;` element to hold the required string like "cc-by" or use zenodo's controlled vocabulary for contributor types (ContactPerson, DataCollector, DataCurator, DataManager, Distributor, Editor, Funder, HostingInstitution, Producer, ProjectLeader, ProjectManager, ProjectMember, RegistrationAgency, RegistrationAuthority, RelatedPerson, Researcher, ResearchGroup, RightsHolder, Supervisor, Sponsor, WorkPackageLeader, Other) to specify one of the required values in the TEI `&lt;editor&gt;`'s `@role`-attribute... (You can learn about required fields and zenodo's controlled vocabularies at [zenodo's API page](
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