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......@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@ EITHER: download from the PHI Image Database (recommended): https://www2.mps.mpg
Suggested filters for HRT science data:
- **KEYWORD DETECTOR = 'HRT'** <br >
- **Filename\* like \*L1_phi-hrt-ilam\***
- **Filename\* like \*L1_phi-hrt-ilam_date\***
To download via the command line (eg: if you want to save the files on a server and not locally)
......@@ -43,7 +43,21 @@ gunzip file.gz
Gunzip used to unpack the .gz to the file you want <br>
OR : use to download images from the attic repository:
Can also use `` to perform multi download from database
1. From the database find the files you wish to download
2. Copy the 'Download File List' that the database will generate
3. Paste into the `file_names.txt` file
4. Create a `.env` file with your MPS windows login: <br>
5. Set the target download folder in the `` file
6. Run the file (will require dotenv python module to be installed)
OR : use `` to download images from the attic repository:
## **SETUP**
import subprocess
import os
from dotenv import load_dotenv
username = os.environ.get('USER_NAME')
password = os.environ.get('PHIDATAPASSWORD')
def get_file_list(text):
text_str = str(text)
text_split = text_str.split("\n")
if text_split[0][0] == 'h':
print("contains https links")
return text_split
file = open('./file_names.txt')
text =
text_split = get_file_list(text)
target_directory = '/scratch/slam/sinjan/solo_attic_fits/fits_files/'
print(f"Downloading to target directory: {target_directory}")
for file in text_split:
file = file.split("/")[-1]
if len(file) < 20:
print("Error occured with the file name, skipping to the next one")
else:["wget", "--user", f"{username}","--password", f"{password}", f"{file}"])["gunzip", f"{file}"])
print("Download and unpacking complete")
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