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json_input example

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import json
#Nov 17 2020 L1 Exmaple
science_fits_filenames = ['solo_L1_phi-hrt-ilam_20201117T170209_V202108301639C_0051170001.fits']#['solo_L1_phi-hrt-ilam_20201117T170209_V202107060747C_0051170001.fits']
flatfield_fits_filename = '/data/slam/home/sinjan/fits_files/april_avgd_2020_flat.fits' #solo_L0_phi-hrt-flat_0667134081_V202103221851C_0162201100.fits'
darkfield_fits_filename = '../fits_files/solo_L0_phi-fdt-ilam_20200228T155100_V202002281636_0022210004_000.fits'
science_dir = '/data/solo/phi/data/fmdb/2020-11-17/' #'/data/slam/home/sinjan/fits_files/'
science_nov = [science_dir + i for i in science_fits_filenames]
input_dict = {
#input data
'data_f' : science_fits_filenames, #hrt pipeline allows multiple files at once to be processed (if same flat, dark, continuum position, pmp temp etc)
'flat_f' : flatfield_fits_filename,
'dark_f' : darkfield_fits_filename,
#input/output type + scaling
'L1_input' : True,
'L1_8_generate': False, #not developed yet
'scale_data' : True, #these 3 will be made redundant once L1 data scaling is normalised - needed mainly for comissioning (IP5) data
'accum_scaling' : True,
'bit_conversion' : True,
'dark_c' : True,
'flat_c' : True,
'norm_f' : True,
'clean_f' : True,
'sigma' : 59, #unsharp masking gaussian width
'clean_mode' : "V", #options 'QUV', 'UV', 'V' for the unsharp masking
'flat_states' : 24, #options 4 (one each pol state), 6 (one each wavelength), 24
'prefilter_f': None,
'fs_c' : True,
'demod' : True,
'norm_stokes' : True,
'ItoQUV' : False, #missing VtoQU - not developed yet
'ctalk_params' : None, #VtoQU parameters will be required in this argument once ready
'rte' : False, #options: ''RTE', 'CE', 'CE+RTE'
'p_milos' : False, #attempted, ran into problems - on hold
#output dir/filenames
'out_dir' : './',
'out_demod_file' : False, #if True, will save stokes array to fits, the array that is fed into the RTE inversions
'out_demod_filename' : None, #if specific and not default name
'out_rte_filename' : None, #if specific and not default name
'config_file' : True #now redudant if json input files used
json.dump(input_dict, open(f"./input_jsons/nov_2020_L1.txt", "w"))
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