Commit 3d511e11 authored by skamann's avatar skamann
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Added option to set magnitude of faintest PSF star relative to brightest star in field.

parent b3905765
......@@ -1126,7 +1126,10 @@ class SourceSelector(object):
A list of source IDs that should be excluded from the PSF star
search, e.g. because they are saturated in the IFS data.
max_mag : float, optional
The maximum allowed magnitude of a PSF star.
The maximum allowed magnitude of a PSF star. If a negative value
is provided, the maximum allowed magnitude is obtained by sub-
tracting the value from the magnitude of the brightest star in
the field of view.
psf_radius : float, optional
The radius out to which the PSF profiles are calculated. The
isolation criterion will be checked in a circle with this radius.
......@@ -1162,8 +1165,10 @@ class SourceSelector(object):
# measure distances of sources to edge of field of view
distance_to_edge = pd.Series(self.ifs_data.distance_to_edge(xy.values), index=xy.index)
# find magnitude of brightest star in field of view
# find magnitude of brightest star in field of view, adjust maximum allowed magnitude if requested
min_mag = self.sources.mag[(self.sources.status == 2) & (distance_to_edge > 0)].min()
if max_mag is not None and max_mag < 0:
mag_mag = min_mag - max_mag'IDs of stars that fulfill criteria for PSF stars:')' ID| mag| d_edge [pixel]| shoulder_drop ')
......@@ -1194,7 +1199,7 @@ class SourceSelector(object):
# check if PSF radius should be adapted based on predicted flux
if psf_radius_scaling is not None:
r_i = psf_radius*(2**(-0.4*(mag - min_mag)/np.log10(1./psf_radius_scaling)))
r_i = psf_radius*(2**(0.4*(mag - min_mag)/np.log10(psf_radius_scaling)))
r_i = psf_radius
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