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Revised calculation of Strehl ratio for MAOPPY PSF.

parent bec5dae5
......@@ -501,12 +501,18 @@ class Maoppy(Profile):
def strehl(self):
Returns the Strehl ratio for the current set of parameters. The Strehl
ratio is calculated using eq. 14 from Fetick et al. (2019).
strehl : float
The Strehl ratio for the current set of parameters.
f_ao = muse_nfm.Nact/(2.*muse_nfm.D)
psf = Psfao(Npix=(30, 30), system=muse_nfm, samp=muse_nfm.samp(self.wvl))
return psf.strehlOTF((self.r0, self.bck, self.amp, self.alpha, 1 - self.e, self.theta, self.beta))
return np.exp(-self.amp - self.bck*np.pi*(f_ao**2) - (0.023*6.*np.pi*(self.r0*f_ao)**(-5./3.))/5.)
# Analyytical calculation based on eq. 14 from the paper by Fetick et al. (2019). This seems to underestimate
# the Strehl significantly for NFM data.
# f_ao = muse_nfm.Nact/(2.*muse_nfm.D)
# return np.exp(-self.amp - self.bck*np.pi*(f_ao**2) - (0.023*6.*np.pi*(self.r0*f_ao)**(-5./3.))/5.)
def fitter(self, psf, weights, parameters, fit_positions=True, fit_background=False, psf_padding=0, **kwargs):
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