Commit fa438d27 authored by skamann's avatar skamann
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Modified INITFIT logging messages.

parent 9dc2413e
......@@ -1166,8 +1166,9 @@ class SourceSelector(object):
min_mag = self.sources.mag[(self.sources.status == 2) & (distance_to_edge > 0)].min()'IDs of stars that fulfill criteria for PSF stars:')' ID| mag| d_edge [pixel]| shoulder_drop')'--------+------+---------------+--------------')' ID| mag| d_edge [pixel]| shoulder_drop ')'--------+------+---------------+ [apernois={0:.2f}'.format(aperture_noise))'--------+------+---------------+---------------')
# loop over magnitude-sorted list of indices of the sources the instance of the Sources-class
# (brightest sources first)
......@@ -1212,7 +1213,7 @@ class SourceSelector(object):
continue[source_id, 'status'] = 3"{0:8d}|{1:6.2f}|{2:15.1f}|{3:14.2f}".format(source_id, mag, distance_to_edge[source_id],"{0:8d}|{1:6.2f}|{2:15.1f}|{3:15.2f}".format(source_id, mag, distance_to_edge[source_id],
if len(self.sources.psf_indices) == 0:
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