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use public keytray host on abac-server

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......@@ -124,11 +124,12 @@ image: debian:bullseye-slim
echo "https" | sudo tee "$WORK_DIR/.env.d/XNAT_PROTOCOL" > /dev/null
echo "443" | sudo tee "$WORK_DIR/.env.d/XNAT_PORT" > /dev/null
# XNAT needs to use public endpoints on multi-cloud deployments
# Public endpoint overrides needed on multi-cloud deployments
echo \$\{KEYCLOAK_BASE_URL\} | sudo tee "$WORK_DIR/.env.d/XNAT_OPENID_USER_AUTH_BASE_URL" > /dev/null
echo \$\{KEYCLOAK_BASE_URL\} | sudo tee "$WORK_DIR/.env.d/XNAT_OPENID_ACCESS_TOKEN_BASE_URL" > /dev/null
echo \$\{XNAT_API_URL\} | sudo tee "$WORK_DIR/.env.d/ABAC_SERVER_XNAT_API_URL" > /dev/null
echo \$\{KEYTRAY_HOST\} | sudo tee "$WORK_DIR/.env.d/ABAC_SERVER_KEYTRAY_HOST" > /dev/null
# Use public keytray for CPABE server (for proper e2e testing)
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